two wheels making a world of difference

Bolivia is one of two countries added to globalbike's list in 2009 and represents a huge step forward for the organization. In its effort to fulfill the mission of providing bikes to the developing world, globalbike was eager to look beyond Africa. Bolivia was the natural choice - a country mired in poverty, with a large number of citizens who have no access to reliable food sources.

Project Concern International approached globalbike, seeking a way to connect farmers with community veterinary workers who could provide critical information and education about caring for livestock and crops.

Since working in Bolivia, globalbike has learned firsthand the effects that a llama's health can have on families and villages. Llamas provide income, amongst other things, and this income provides food, education, and other necessities for many people. Llamas are the lifeblood of families, so it is crucial that families in Bolivia learn proper care techniques and gain access to skilled veterinarians. When a family's llama is sick or dying, two wheels can make a world of difference