two wheels making a world of difference
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When globalbike was founded in late 2006, the Zambia office of Project Concern International (PCI) became our very first partner.  Local community members work side-by-side with PCI to address the needs of orphans and vulnerable children and of families affected by HIV/AIDS, through home-based care programs, support of community schools, and other platforms.

In 2007, globalbike provided 163 bikes directly to the local Zambian volunteers who provide these important daily services to their neighbors and community members year-round.  Prior to the intervention of globalbike, many volunteers walked to see patients every day.   With the efficiency provided by globalbikes, the number of patients seen at one clinic in Zambia increased from 200 to 1220.

In 2010, globalbike expanded its role in Zambia by partnership with Grassroots Soccer.   Though it is difficult to imagine, two local program coordinators were managing programs to educate youth about HIV/AIDS in an area the size of Maryland, with no transportation other than their two feet.  globalbike provided bikes for each area coordinator, which suddenly transformed their staff capacity.  globalbike’s work specifically assisted the programs administered within two of the world’s largest refugee sites: Meheba and Mayukwayukwa, which claims the title of one of the oldest refugee settlements on the African continent thanks to its 43 years of existence.

Article on globalbike helping Grassroot Soccer work in Zambia.