two wheels making a world of difference
Grassroot Soccer

Can the world be mobilized through soccer to create an AIDS free generation? Grassroots Soccer thinks so. Founded in 2002, Grassroots Soccer builds on the integral nature of soccer culture and its positive effect across the world. Through innovative education, inspiration, and mobilization strategies, Grassroots Soccer teaches youth about the threat of HIV/AIDS and prepares them for their role as leaders in creating an AIDS-free world.

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Project Concern International

Established in 1961, PCI is a private, voluntary, non-sectarian organization that works worldwide to increase access to affordable and quality health services and prevent disease. PCI’s primary program interventions are in the areas of women's and children's health, including prevention and control of HIV/AIDS and other diseases, food security, water and sanitation, and capacity building and network strengthening.

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Right to Play

With an innovative approach to playful programming, Right To Play improves health, teaches basic life skills and helps children and youth to develop skills to resolve conflict peacefully in some of the most disadvantaged areas in the world. Role models, family, coaches, teachers, peers and the organization’s Athlete Ambassadors all play an important role in helping people adopt new behaviors. Through sport and play, they learn about teamwork, co-operation and respect – the best values of sport.

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Rwanda Partners

With a mission to advance the poor through ethnic reconciliation, education and job creation, Rwanda Partners’ work is transforming lives. Though progress has been made, in the 16 years since the genocide, extreme poverty continues to plague Rwanda’s rural citizens. Thus Rwanda Partners has focused our organizational objectives in the following three areas: Education for vulnerable youth; Job creation and job training for widows, orphans and rural families; Reconciliation and personal development for ethnically-divided genocide perpetrators and survivors.

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Valid International

Valid International is a global nonprofit organization currently operating in over 30 countries. Founded in 1999, the organization seeks to bring about change in humanitarian practice worldwide. Through operational research and the development and implementation of evidence-based approaches, Valid International is improving the delivery of humanitarian and development assistance.

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