current projects

globalbike believes working with local partners on the ground in hard to reach villages is the best way to achieve our goal of connecting 28,000 women to much needed resources by the year 2020, through the transformative power of a bike.

The 2820 Plan

The ambitious but achievable 2820 plan focuses on specific investments geared to drastically improving the self-sufficiency of women in the Kilimanjaro Area of Tanzania. These investments focus on 3 specific objectives:

Women will have greater access to overall healthcare.
Pregnant women will have more options for prenatal care and hospital transportation.
Women will generate more income by creating bike related businesses.


globalbike is working in the villages of Mikocheni and Msitu wa Tembo to provide community healthcare workers ("CHW") with bikes to reach more women and more effectively provide healthcare. Currently, one project globalbike has underway is with with FT Kilimanjaro in Mikocheni to deliver health care. These locally trained CHW's are able to see three times as many patients and travel four times further than when they are walking.


On a visit to the area in March of 2014, globalbike was told that in one month 5 women either lost their life, or the life of their newborn, in the long 10 km walk to give birth. The local women suggested "bike ambulances" that would be available to carry laboring women to the hospital. globalbike provided bikes for this purpose and is currently investing in women who are trained in providing birth support.


Research shows that women in Africa reinvest almost 90% of what they earn back into their family and community. This is the key to lifting families and villages out of poverty. In June of 2014, along with the TATU project, globalbike started a bike rental business in Msitu wa Tembo. From opening day, 100% of the bikes have been rented out, generating new and critical resources for the women and the women's group that sponsors the business. This project has been replicated in another village with Tusaidiane with similar popularity and results.

This is the power of globalbike.