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day two

Feb 19, 2011
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by Curt at 12:06 pm

Day 2 was just as great or maybe better than day one.  We will have pictures up later - you will want to check and @globalbike on twitter.  

So today started early with a trip to banana hill to plant trees - 600 of them.  It was amazing to have the help of hundreds of school children help out.  The whole ceremony was really cool.  At the end of the second one - a local teacher ask us to hold hands and repeat after him.  He said, "while we hold hands, we cannot hold weapons - this will make the world a better place!"  I don't think I can add any of that.

We then left to visit box girls.  I happen to meet Cameron for Box Girls through the Beyond Sport Network.  When I heard they had a Kenya site I knew we should try really hard to work with them.  The decision was so right!  Box Girls trains girls to box as an empowerment strategy.

Upon arriving they divided us into groups - each showing a bit about the program.  My first group was about Jabs and Shadow boxing.  It was clear that these girls knew what they were doing and what was most impressive is that after teaching the lesson about jabs they asked the young girls what that lesson meant in real life - the girls said "jabbing you have to focus - to learn about your target - just like you have to focus in life to get where you need to go!"  Again well said.

Three former box girls participants are on the Kenyan National team and will box in the 2012 olympics - the caption of the team a box girl will be climbing Kili with us.. Can't wait for the lessons she will teach.

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Feb 18, 2011
by carroll at 6:51 pm

Press Conference

Feb 18, 2011
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by Joe at 6:04 pm


Feb 18, 2011
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by Jean at 11:48 am

I wish that I could download to this blog the mental images that are bouncing around in my head right now. The imagery of today will stay with me for a long time. After this morning's press conference (it is 6:30pm here now), we traveled to a central urban park in Nairobi to meet with the 60+ youth who had just received bikes. I interviewed several about their lives here, their involvement in social-change organizations, and how they plan to use the bikes. It was incredibly encouraging to hear their comments. Unprompted by me, each of the bike recipients that i interviewed offered thank to globalbike for this effort. Comments like "this will create change" and "this is an initiative we need" and "I want to help you do more of this - come back and provide more bikes to others who can use them" were a constant refrain. One recipient described a plan he already had in mind to help ensure that others in his community have access to use his bike also.

We then toured Kibera, which others have already described. For me - it was my internal response that was full of frustration and sadness at the conditions in which these people live - but externally, i recieved nothing but smiles, little hands clutching at my hand and arm wanting me to lead them, adults coming over to introduce themselves and welcome our group - encouraging us to feel at home and readily talking about some of the joyful aspects of their community life.

It will take more than a few hours for me to process all that I have seen today. Children among rotted garbage. Homes formed out of trash. An market trading the barely-used waste of the developed world. Kibera is a community system formed from a lack of system. It is a mock infrastructure created next to the largest urban infrastructure in the country (Nairobi). The impact of the bikes we have provided will come in so many forms. Transportation is empowerment, empowerment is hope and a future.

Grateful Recipient Interview...

Feb 18, 2011
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by Joe at 11:41 am

We gave away 60+ bikes right after the press conference this morning.  Here is an interview with one of the very grateful recipients...many more where this came from.


Recipient Interview from globalbike on Vimeo.