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Sponsor of the day: LUCA Sunscreen

Feb 15, 2011
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by Kelly at 5:28 pm


If you have not heard of LUCA Sunscreen, you need to!  Unlike your average sunscreen, LUCA provides protection from the full array of radiation that causes melanoma.  Most sunscreens keep out the rays that make your skin burn, but can still let in the rays that cause cancer.  Read about them and their products here: <> h And keep yourself safe: buy some today! We'll certainly be using it on our ride in the hot African sunshine, and on the side of Kilimanjaro, where the air is thinner and the rays of the sun are more deadly.  Thank you, LUCA!

SDS: recognition of a sponsor and question for you

Feb 14, 2011
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by Kelly at 11:31 am

We would like to recognize another sponsor: the Spartanburg Day School. It's a great school with an International Baccalaureate program. They will be following us as we go, and using our trip as a learning experience for the students. So, SDS students, we have two days before departure. My question to you is this: do you have any questions?


Chance to Win One of Three Signature Photographs from Trip

Feb 13, 2011
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by Jean at 11:54 am

Joe and I are incredibly excited about being a part of this trip.  Excited to learn all that we can about Kenya and Tanzania; Excited to meet so many new people and learn their stories; Excited to live amongst a new and different landscape for two weeks; and Excited to have this chance to more fully understand what a difference two wheels can make in the lives of others.  

Joe will be one of two photographers on the trip, and as a final push to help raise funds for the 112 bikes - we've decided to offer raffle tickets towards the chance to win one of three 16"x20" framed photographs of your choice from Joe's Kenya and Tanzania photos.  Whether it is a distant view of imposing mountains, a close-up shot of African wildlife, or a candid glimpse at the life of local villagers - you'll have the chance to choose your favorite.   Here are the details:

  • Raffle tickets are $10 each (a donation for $50 = 5 raffle tickets).
  • The winners will be randomly drawn in March.
  • You can make a secure payment through globalbike's donation page.  
  • In the "Dedication" field, please write "AFRICA PHOTO RAFFLE" and be sure to include your contact information, so that you can be contacted if you win. 

Tickets are available from now until February 28th.  Don't miss this chance to be a part of the Ride Climb Transform project and to have a lasting work of art representing its impact.

A word about our sponsors

Feb 12, 2011
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by Curt at 4:25 pm

Only a few more days and we will be heading to Kenya for the largest globalbike project today.  Simply we will put 115 life saving/ changing bikes in the hands of youth, women, and care givers.  We will also join 10 of those youth and about two dozen others and climb Kilimanjaro.  To get there we will ride about 250 miles.  

I hope you see the Ride. Climb. Transform.

To get here it took the vision and passion of many - I plan to address many of them over time but I want to start with two.  Beyond Sport and Camp Wayfarer.  In 2009, we won a Beyond Sport Award - and in London I first heard Nick Keller, Alexandra Chalat and others discuss the "Beyond Sport Effect."  Paraphrased - the amazing things that can happen when the sport and development worlds collide.  This trip is nothing less that a testimony of this effect!  While the connections for this journey were planted in the Corner Bakery in Chicago - at the 2010 Summit - where I met with Ingrid Beutler of Sport Accord.  It was her suggestion that put us in contact with Tim Challen of Kilimanjaro Initiative.  That's probably more than you may be interested in but what comes of this trip has a major Beyond Sport Influence.  Several of the organizations - Box Girls and Coaches Across Continents who will receive bikes are both Beyond Sport organizations.

The bike give away portion is successful in large part to Jim Bob Wilson's passion for improving the lives and experiences of his campers.  When he decided to bike across the US, he determined that raising money for globalbike would be a great way to help Camp Wayfarer campers learn to give and give back.  They did - a third of the bikes we will give away are due to Camp Wayfarer generosity.  I look forward to sharing pictures and story's from the trip this summer during their camp session.


So many things to pack . . . .

Feb 11, 2011
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by Kelly at 10:49 am

Going over checklists . . . . So many things. Biking lists, climbing lists, food lists, press conferences, bike delivery lists and coordination of delivery. . . . The list of lists goes on. I'm looking forward to the long flights so I can rest!