globalbike was created with this statement in 2006, as six friends met in a coffee shop with $850.00 and the commitment to do something meaningful and sustainable in the developing world.

globalbike is a not-for-profit organization that uses the transformative power of bicycles to connect women and girls in rural Tanzania with the life-saving resources they need to prosper sustainably. Since 2006, globalbike has been transforming lives and communities with the power of bikes.

In 2013, globalbike began to focus on connecting women and girls around Mt. Kilimanjaro to necessary resources for daily living, namely healthcare, education, and economic opportunity. Our research indicates that connecting women to these vital resources increases opportunities for higher education, improves access to healthcare for families, and ultimately increases the chance for a community to rise out of poverty.

This is the power of globalbike.

Simple Mission

...using the transformative power of bicycles to connect people and resources.

Compelling Vision

...a global community where people are connected to the resources necessary for social and economic prosperity.

the goal

Our goal by the year 2020 is to connect 28,000 women to much needed resources, through the transformative power of a bike.

why target ?

Women’s empowerment not only lifts up women, but also their children and their community.

Women and girls in developing countries reinvest, on average, 87% of their income in their families toward food, healthcare and education (compared to 30-40% from men). Therefore, financial assistance to mothers has a much greater benefit to the overall family.

“Evidence shows that when women are educated and empowered to participate in decision-making in the household, workplace and political sphere — secure from violence, exploitation and discrimination — children and families benefit.”

— UNICEF | State of the World’s Children Report