Two wheels make a world of difference.

Many non-profit organizations are committed to getting bikes in the hands of local peoples in hard to reach areas.

So, what makes globalbike unique...

Our bike donations reach
rural populations living on less than $2 per day.

We invest donated bikes in women-led bike-sharing businesses.

These businesses provide a mechanism for financing the ongoing costs of bike repair and maintenance, thus ensuring rural populations realize the full value of bike donations over time. As rural entrepreneurs access well-maintained and affordable bikes when they need them most, they can increase their incomes by 25-57% and efficiently access water, health care, and education.

We invest in life-changing women's cooperatives that reinvest in the community continually.

Women’s economic empowerment not only lifts up women but also benefits their children and the entire village.

Women’s cooperatives who earn money by managing bike rental and repair programs can grow group savings which act as insurance against poverty and as a source of small business loans for its members. This financial security gives women confidence and respect in the community.

Meet Neema.

Neema is a mechanic at Kazi na Sala's bike rental and repair shop. Kazi na Sala is a women's cooperative whose name means work and prayer. This group of about 70 women pool their money to start businesses and provide insurance against economic hardship for all members through group savings. globalbike first trained Neema in 2016 to support Kazi na Sala's bike rental and repair shop. In 2017, we sponsored her to travel to the World Bicycle Relief facilities in Kenya to receive additional training. She now works as a mechanic at the shop and as a peer trainer at our other programs.

We invest in a long-term self-sustaining solution, not a one-time act of charity.

We help women's groups, like Neema's, build businesses that can stand on their own while meeting community needs.

Using marketing research to understand local economies, we help women's cooperatives develop bike businesses that can cover costs and earn profits while ensuring that local people can afford bicycles to improve their lives and economic status. We ensure that the value of the bikes can be maintained over time and that each donation goes as far as possible. When we establish new programs, we make sure that a new bike business will complement rather than compete with services already offered by local area mechanics.

We invest in local ownership to help make strong women even stronger.

Over time, all business processes, costs and decision-making are fully transitioned to women's ownership.

globalbike donates bicycles, funds for building construction, training in bike mechanics and business skills, and enough spare parts for programs to reach cost coverage. With these initial resources, we help women's cooperatives develop a sustainable business model.


We empower women to learn bike mechanics and business skills, so that they can maintain bicycles and bike programs over time.


We partner with women’s groups and NGO partners who are already making an impact so that we can maximize our efforts and not waste resources.


We use the affordable and sustainable power of bikes to greatly increase rural access to resources and economic growth.

See how far your gift could go.

Bike Rental/Repair Shop

Higher level donations help construct buildings that can house bike rental and repair shops or support other localized business ventures.

Tools & Training for Bike Mechanics

For $500, a woman can receive the tools and training needed to become a bike mechanic and generate regular income by working in one of the local shops.

One Buffalo Bike

$200 provides one bike to a woman in Tanzania.

Carrier & Stand

At roughly $30 each, the carrier allows transport of goods or fresh water, and the stand keeps the heavy loads level on dismount without harming goods.

Tires & Tubes

The rough African terrain means tires need lots of care and maintenance. $20 will provide a fresh set of tubes and tires.